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Máy đo độ cứng Eseway® EW650 Series

Mã sản phẩm:  EW650
Nhà sản xuất:  Rontgen
Xuất xứ:  Đài Loan
Giá: 00 vnđ
Tình trạng:  Còn hàng


  • Measures all standard Rockwell hardness values
  • Simultaneous conversion to HV, HB and other HR scales
  • Rugged fine casted frame, allowing larger dimension work pieces
  • ASTM, ISO, JIS compliant
  • ESELOAD™ unique motorised load application system, auto selection of main loads depending on HR scale (656 & 657 only)
  • Superior depth measuring system through Heidenhain (Germany) transducer
  • ESETOUCH™ advanced LCD touch screen & operator panel with user friendly menu operation in multiple languages
  • High speed preload, loading and unloading procedure for ultra high efficiency
  • ESELIFT™ (657 and 677 only) motorised elevating screw simplifies and speeds up test operation
  • Automatic measurement procedure, load / dwell / unload (655 & 656 models)
  • ESEMATIC™ fully automatic positioning and measuring procedure (positioning, preload, load, dwell, unload (657 only))
  • Storage of 50 test programs and tester settings, allowing you to set up your tester in just seconds
  • Alpha numerical data entry
  • Continuous automatic “online’’ statistics, incl. average of readings etc.
  • Storage of 20,000 single hardness values
  • Go / No Go mode
  • Convex and concave measuring mode
  • Calibration date expired (reminder)
  • Service mode including electronic linearity calibration, tests counter, maintenance system
  • Prints statistics to built--in printer or external printer
  • Connects with PC or SPC network via built-in bi-directional USB2 connector
Standard Delivery
  • Main unit
  • Built-in printer
  • Data-output USB2 and RS-232C
  • Diamond Rockwell indentor
  • Rockwell ball indentor 1/16”
  • Rockwell testing balls
  • Flat testing anvil ø 60mm
  • Flat anvil ø 150mm
  • V-anvil 40mm
  • Hardness test blocks: ± 60 HRC, ±40 HRC, ±85 HRB
  • Power cable
  • Spare fuse
  • Adjustable feet (4 Pcs)
  • Spindle protection cover
  • Machine cover
  • Solid accessories case
  • Innovatest® certificate
  • User and installation manual
Optional Accessories
  • Clamping and indentor protection nose
  • UKAS, DKD, ASTM/NIST Certified test blocks
  • UKAS, DKD, ASTM/NIST Indentors & balls
  • Pedestal spot anvil
  • Special support systems for large work pieces

W-EW-655 ESETOUH Manual load selection
Manual elevator lead screw
W-EW-656 ESELOAD Automatic load selection
Manual elevator lead screw
W-EW-657 ESEMATIC Automatic load selection
Motorised elevator lead screw/Full automatic


* Sản phẩm: Máy đo độ cứng Eseway® EW650 Series

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